How To Find the Perfect Healthy Labrador Retriever

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If you are looking to buy a Labrador retriever first be smart and do your research in order to make the right decisions. Read, Read, Read and learn the difference between hobby breeders and Professional licensed breeders. It can get confusing because you will find that not all hobby breeders are bad and not all professional license breeders are good.

The majority of Professional Licensed breeders rate high because they have invested a lot of heart, money, time, education, training, research and energy into producing top quality healthy dogs. Most of these breeders have an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place, A Health Prevention plan signed by them and their veterinarian, and most are licensed by The Dept. of Agriculture and/or licensed by American
Kennel Club. A health guarantee goes home with every puppy. They back up what they sale and stay in communication with the buyers for the life time of the dog.

Some hobby breeders and most families that have a lab or two that’s produced puppies usually don’t sell the puppy with a health guarantee and the breeder/owner is likely to NOT do health clearances for hips, elbows, eyes, heart, exercised induced collapse and DNA testing. As I said earlier good hobby breeders do exist that follow AKC standards and produce great dogs. You just have to do your research
and get to know the breeder you’re interested in.

Puppy mills are a NO-NO and if you choose to go forward and purchase a puppy it’s highly likely you will end up heartbroken due to death, serious illness, or premature euthanasia because of poor attention paid to the breeding of the dog. Puppy mills are likely to not know the true identity of the puppies they produce and do not buy high protein dog food and do not feed fresh fruits and vegetables-therefore you
will be buying an unhealthy puppy. Good breeders do not support puppy mills and work hard at trying to shut them down.

Make the choice to buy from a reputable breeder or a licensed professional breeder. Word of mouth is worth a mint when looking for the perfect healthy puppy regardless of the breed. Hobby breeders that have years of good breeding with good reputations and most licensed professional breeders breed to better the breed, they follow AKC standards and core values. These breeders take great pride in their
breeding stock, they spend endless hours researching pedigrees and will never sale a puppy without doing DNA testing, a Cardiac evaluation, and CERF & OFA clearances. Your puppy will come with a health guarantee and plenty of additional information to keep your animal healthy and happy. The majority breed for color, genetic soundness, good temperament and conformation to breed standard. If you choose NOT to buy from this kind of breeder then it’s very likely you will end up with an aggressive or hyper temperament, or a dog that ends in premature death.

All puppies are cute and our hearts fall for them easily so be careful or you may purchase an unhealthy puppy that will end up costing you a small fortune or one that will end with a short life span. Remember just because the dog is AKC registered does not mean it’s a good healthy dog.

Know the difference between an English Lab and an American Lab.

American Labs are sweet, intelligent/easily trained and love unconditionally but can be hyper, high-strung, and do not always make the best indoor pets. Keep in mind these are awesome dogs and dedicated companions but they are a working breed that’s bred for the field of retrieving, hunting etc. If you want an indoor dog that lays at your feet then The English Lab is it. They are sweet, mild, smart and quiet dogs which still maintain a playful attitude and have the natural retriever instinct. They are a little different in build than The American Field Labradors. Both of these breeds bring great enjoyment, they
are both intelligent, dedicated to their owners and provide amazing unconditional love. Their main goal is to please their owners.

Most professional licensed breeders and good reputable hobby breeders take great pride in their reputation. Their goal is to produce beautiful, happy/socialized sound puppies, which anyone would be proud to own. They stand behind what they produce and stay connected with you for the lifetime of the dog. If any profit is made more than likely it goes back into the business toward future breeding’s which
are aimed toward the betterment of the breed, show entries, handler’s fees, new equipment, training, and health/veterinary tests. Their dogs are fed top quality food along with fresh fruits and vegetables daily. They are trained, (different levels) socialized, and exercised daily. Healthy and socialized animals are a must for a good breeder.

So, do your reading, ask questions, and get to know breeders and their reputations so that you can find the perfect healthy dog for you and your family.